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Douglas Electronic Industries Limited
Unit 12 Thames Street
LN11 7AD


Transformer Products

Control Panel Transformers

Control Panel Transformer

Double wound on a single section bobbin fitted with a copper earth screen - universal frames. Vacuum varnish impregnated. Termination by phoenix connector blocks or studs on the larger sizes. Alternative termination styles are available upon request. Also available enclosed either wall/floor mounting or free standing. Available from 50va to 10kva.

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PCB Mounted Transformers

PCB Mounted Transformer

Double section bobbin. Twin primaries for either 120v or 240v inputs. Dual secondary's. Flash test 2.0kV. Standard pin positions. Thermal protection available on request. Alternative voltages available upon request.

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Low Voltage U/UEF Clamp Transformers

Low Voltage U Clamp Transformer

U clamp mounted, standard range transformers are available in various bobbin sizes from 6VA up to 75VA. All bobbin sizes have fully shrouded primary and secondary windings. All fine windings are skeined to pins for extra strength. Thermal fuse protection to BS3535 is available on request.


Custom Made Transformer

We can offer transformers manufactured to your own specifications whether it is for 1 off or 1000 off. We manufacture single phase, three phase, autos, chokes, audio or multi tapped transformers.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.